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Spice it up freely! Too many food allergies and intolerances these days; time for a change. I have been working in the restaurant business since 1996 and, in the kitchen, every day, we are spending tremendous amounts of time catering to special requirements (diet) in food prep.

In 2009, my team and I undertook a mission to develop herbs and spices that would be “clean”, spices without severe additives and fillers, gluten free, GMO free, MSG free, Trans fat free, vegan friendly, Kosher, low in sodium and allergen free: peanuts, nuts, gluten (wheat, oat, barley, triticale, rye), eggs, soy, sesame seeds, milk products, fish, seafood, sulphite and mustard with the exception of our STEAK RUB that contains whole mustard seeds. Our herbs and spices do not contain: sulphate, cellulose and corn.  Herbs, grains and spices are imported from around the world, from South of India, South of America, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and Canada. It is important to note that the grinding, the sieving and cleaning are done locally, here in Montreal Canada. These processes guarantee premium quality herbs and spices that generally meet higher standards than those required by the industry. To ensure low microbiologic counts, MCHEF prefers to treat spices by using irradiation or steam sterilization. All our blends are laboratory tested and verified to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality. Our certifications are HACCP, GFSI, SQF2 and Kosher. So now, you are invited to savor the enhanced flavors and explore the premium quality of herbs and spices. You will taste the difference, believe me. We are proud to present you the MCHEF collection of our delightful herbs & spice blends for your everyday dishes, your favorite desserts and of course, your trendy cocktails! Cheers! Try them all! They are simply perfect.

Our optimized specialized packaging preserves shelf life freshness and quality of herbs and spices: The packaging is a specialized sealed bag with a zipper and lined with foil to preserve herbs and spice blends longer than 18 months. 

We supply to the retail market, to the food service distribution and to manufacturers. We make private label blend brands to regional, national and international retail supermarkets, restaurant chains, distributors in the food service and to manufacturers.