I am chef-owner and founder of MCHEF Inc. since 2009. I studied at the Institut d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme du Quebec with Chef Jean-Paul Grappe whose teachings and inspiring guidance led me to discover the cuisines of the world. After my graduation in 2003, I had the pleasure of participating in the Foires de Genève event in Geneva as part of Chef Jean-Paul Grappe team. Upon my return, I kicked off my career working in restaurant kitchens in Montreal, gradually rising to the position of Chef. 

In 2009, a grassroots business idea flourished into the new and innovative business of “Chef at Home”. By request of loyal customers, I created gourmet-style meals consisting of all natural, allergen free, clean-label “free from”, and low in sodium herbs and spice blends that would delight even the most sophisticated of palates. My search brought me to discover the infinite possibilities that spices and herbs can offer. Therefore, I made it a mission of my own to share with others a variety of unique and delectable herbs and spice blends from around the world.

MCHEF’s mission is simple: “Continuously develop and improve flavors, raise awareness about the use of whole some ingredients & spices and share them without compromise, while allowing for dietary restrictions such as; gluten, nuts, allergen and low in sodium”. 

Our prior objective iss to promote a new approach to the food processing industry – an approach that was focused on providing premium products and technical services that met the specific needs of all its customers in the food service industry. Over the years, our company has set itself apart from its competitors and has become a leader in the food industry.

Concerning our laboratory innovation in the cleaning of spices, it is important to note that the grinding, the sieving, and the cleaning of spices is all done locally in Montreal QC Canada. In this way, we can ensure that our customers receive PREMIUM QUALITY SPICES that often meet higher standards than those required by the industry. In order to ensure low microbiology counts, we prefer to treat spices by using IRRADIATION (Cobalt) or STEAM STERILIZATION. However, alternate sterilization methods may also be available, if required. In keeping with its mission of offering only PREMIUM QUALITY products, MCHEF’s Quality Assurance team carefully examines all of the raw materials and finished products that come into or are shipped from our plant.

Because of the way we handle the ingredients, control our production lines, we are able to ensure the TRACEABILITY of all our ingredients. The consistent quality of products is a top priority. The certifications HACCP, GFSI AND SQF EDITION 7.2 are required in the food service industry but not required in the retail market up to this day. MCHEF gives these certifications in the retail market.

We have also implemented an ALLERGEN MANAGEMENT system to guarantee the absolute safety of our products. Quality is always our first priority. In keeping with our mission statement, MCHEF’s management and all its subcontractors have put in place a quality and HACCP policy: risk management and continuous improvement system designed to assure that customers receive food products that are safe and do not pose a risk to human health.

We strongly believe in responsible business practices that meet my ethical, social, and environmental values. MCHEF’s focus on loyalty, team work, attentiveness to client’s needs, and relentless innovation are part of the shared vision aimed to satisfy our customers.


The children cause, our cause, the heart that brings sense to our lives. MCHEF vibrates for the cause of Répit Québec. Proud partner of Répit Québec, we donate $ 0.25 / bag for a large format, for each MCHEF herbs and spice blend sold on our online store and on sales in the food service through distributors in Canada. Répit Québec now receives, annually, our donations related to national sales in the food service sector. Go Chefs, cook for the cause with MCHEF!

Dear readers, I invite you to cook-up, drink-up, and enjoy MCHEF’s blends and recipes. 

Are you ready to rediscover cooking at home?  – Bon appétit!



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