MCHEF Herbs and Spice Blends Specifications

  • Chef Marie’s approach make you discover in a different way the worldwide famous cuisines into her unique blends by paying attention to each and every taste of the herbs and spices while abandoning salt intake for better health conditions.
  • “Clean label” without severe additives and fillers, gluten free, GMO free, MSG free, Trans fat free, vegan friendly, Kosher, low in sodium and allergen free: peanuts, nuts, gluten (wheat, oat, barley, triticale, rye), eggs, soy, sesame seeds, milk products, fish, seafood, sulphite and mustard (except our STEAK RUB that contains whole mustard seeds). Our herbs and spices do not contain: sulphate, cellulose and corn. All our blends are laboratory tested and verified to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality.
  • Chef Marie is following requests of her clientele searching for healthy cooking alternatives. It took Chef Marie 5 years in R&D to dose to perfection each herbs and spice blends containing between 10 to 15 ingredients and more!
  • While taking into account that the majority of herbs and spices on the market have barely information on their packages, Chef Marie’s mission is to provide high quality, healthy, clean label while clearly displaying information relevant to consumer’s health.

MCHEF Herbs and Spice Blends Conservation

  • You can keep the MCHEF herbs and spice blends for a period of 18 months in its specialized resealable pouch at room temperature away from heat and light.
  • You can also freeze MCHEF herbs and spice blends until 2 years.
  • The specialized bag is resealable under vacuum package, which ensures a longer shelf life for herbs and spices. The package includes a foil layer to protect the herbs and spices from light, moisture and air. 

Tips to maximize flavors of the MCHEF Herbs and Spice Blends

  • Each 50 gr (1.76 oz.) package counts more than 20 recipes for 4 people!
  •  Go ahead pinch by pinch while tasting. MCHEF herbs and spice blends are very concentrated in taste! It only takes a pinch or two to enhance your dishes! Try it and taste the difference!
  • Sprinkle MCHEF herbs and spice blends over marinade or over a cooked dish just before serving. It is great to use MCHEF herbs and spice blends raw or cooked, you will get two different tastes. Sprinkle them over your daily meat, fish and vegetarian dishes! Explore them through all types of food preparations:  in tartare, in salad dressing, in marinade, in soup, in sauce, in casserole, in stew, in braisé, in stir-fry, grilled or baked meat-fish-seafood-tofu-tempeh-legume or poached eggs… You can add the MCHEF herbs and spice blends before, during or after cooking!
  • No need to add salt! MCHEF herbs and spice blends contain all unique flavors to enhance your dishes! Enjoy!

What do you recommend for red meat ?

The reasons we carry so many herbs and spice blends are because everyone has a different palate. However, at home, our personal favorites are STEAK RUB, SMOKED SAN ANTONIO, THE ISLANDS AND PROVENCE.

Can I buy wholesale ?

  • We do sell to many restaurants, caterers, bakeries, medical health care centers, hotels, casinos etc. We often offer a wholesale discount.  Please email and tell us that you would like to set us a wholesale account and we will send you our form. You can also call us for specifics at 1-800-514-4950 or at 1-514-234-4360.dishes! Enjoy!

What do you recommend for chicken ?

Our best seller is THE SOUTH OF FRANCE aromates, extremely tasty and delicious for all dishes. We personally love our MEDITERRANEAN, a lemon paradise with a crunch of coriander seeds. Other staff favorites include THE ISLANDS, confit ginger for hot travelers, and THAILAND for the lemongrass and cilantro flavors.

What is your favorite fish seasoning ?

MEDITERRANEAN, hands down, for whitefish, a lemon paradise. For salmon or other heavy ocean fish, we like THAILAND, THE ISLANDS, SMOKED SAN ANTONIO AND THE SOUTH OF FRANCE, and MADAGASCAR for sea food, lobsters and crustacean for the love of vanilla and peppercorn.

How about vegan-vegetarian protein like tofu ?

Our best seller is THE SOUTH OF FRANCE aromates for its amazing dried tomato and lemon peel flavors. We personally have a thing for SMOKED SAN ANTONIO, and THE ISLANDS rub that gives a ginger twist to all recipes! Also, THAILAND is mild and the lemongrass flavor kicks in a little…So delicious!

How about vegetables ?

THE SOUTH OF FRANCE is really the greatest all-purpose herbs and spice blend because it is the first one that have been made for my mother Louise. She requested a fully balanced herbs and spice blends for all recipes and we have worked on these aromates from France.

How about desserts ?

We are absolutely thrilled to offer you the GRANDMA SWEET PUMPKIN SPICE for cakes, muffins, cookies, pies, to sprinkle over ice cream, hot chocolate and chai tea. Also, we carry an exquisite SPICY MAPLE SUGAR topping to add a kick into your desserts, especially chocolate, crème brûlée, and roasted nuts. But try it also over chicken, scallops and bacon…Have fun with them. 😊 The whole family will enjoy!

How about cocktails ?

We are in the game by adding fun and enhancing the cocktail experience for your parties!

FUNKY BLOODY for all Bloody Mary and Bloody Caesar! Add a pinch over oysters too and over tempura shrimps!

GINGER AND LIME Ouf! It gives a nice kick to flavor Mojito, Pina Colada, Daiquiri and Martini!

ORANGE AND LEMON Sangria girls! It’s the way to go! Also, Daiquiri, Sex on the Beach, all fruity dark or clear alcohol based cocktails! Over salmon, it’s excellent because if its citrus and its middle orient spice blend! Can you believe it, over cheese cake and cookies and ice cream, it’s incredible!

SMOKEY MAPLE for all dark alcohol cocktails…Try this amazing blend over bacon, ribs, BBQ sauce, and chicken wings!

VANILLA AND PEPPER for all coffee beverages, hot chocolate and Chai tea! Also, delicious for nutty and butterscotch dessert cocktails!

5 ways to use it:

  1. Dip the glass rim into the liquid (syrup, lemon or fruit juice) and coat the outer lip of the glass in the cocktail blend. Tap lightly.
  2. Same as step 1 and caramelize with a torch around the glass to make a nice golden candy!
  3. Add few pinches to your favorite cocktail and shake it!
  4. Sprinkle it over your cocktail! Over whipped cream, it’s awesome too!
  5. Enhance your favorite dishes and desserts, just spice it up! MCHEF is always a touch of creativity to enhance your taste buds!