PRESS 2018…Word out!

NEW Edible Dehydrated Flower Listing Wholesale! 08-2018

New MCHEF Collaboration with the Murray River Salt from Australia! 07-2018

Marketing Italy 07-2018

Do you run a blog? Taste, test out MCHEF, cook with our blends and have fun! 07-2018

Why cooking with MCHEF? 06-2018

Experience our ethnic herbs and spice blends! 05-2018

Families, you can savor your favorite recipes with «clean-label» herbs and spice blends! 04-2018

Home Chefs! Enhance all your recipes with our allergen free herbs and spice blends! 03-2018

MCHEF shines on the West Coast in the United States! 02-2018

MCHEF vibes for the cause 02-2018

New MCHEF Division in Las Vegas! 01-2018

New MCHEF Division in London! 01-2018

New MCHEF Division in Majorca, Spain! 01-2018

New MCHEF Division in Miami! 12-2017

MCHEF is proudly a «clean-label» herbs and spice company! 11-2018

Planners in social activities, we have the right products to promote your projects! 10-2018

We are now in the medical health care centers in the Laurentians, Québec. 09-2017

We are seeking for MCHEF sales representatives-ambassadors! Spread the news! 08-2017

You are planning a school event? Let us know! We are your number 1 partner! 06-2017

MEDIA…Let’s spread the good news!

New mixology video: add a MCHEF kick to elevate your cocktail experience 05-2018

Huffingtonpost Article Valentine’s Day 01-2018

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Newsletter CIBIM 2015

L’actualité  Magazine Article 1 2014

L’actualité Magazine Article 2 2014

LaPresse+ Article 2014

Chef Jean-Paul Grappe Book Fish and Sea Food Recipes 2013

Grand Guide des Vins Recipes 2013

TREVI Magazine Outdooring 2013

La cuisine simplifiée

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