1. MCHEF Inc., a young business founded in Montreal in 2009, develops allergen free rubs, aromates and cocktail spice blends with the following specifications: GMO free, gluten free, filler free, MSG free, and low in salt intake (1/10 of seal salt). MCHEF is one of the pioneers in “clean label” spices to better serve consumers who have food restrictions, intolerances and allergies. MCHEF’s mission is to enhance and bring to a higher level of quality dishes and beverages. MCHEF offers a wide range of tasty and unique blends in the food service sector: restaurants, institutions, hospitals, and hotel/restaurant chains. MCHEF began marketing its product line in the retail grocery stores and expanded by offering clean label spices for private label companies. Spread the word! This innovative company took 5 years to develop the best of best in allergen free spices, and what about the packaging, preserving the true virtues of spices up to 18 months. Way to go!
  2. MCHEF Inc. now sells its herbs and spice blends to the Laurentian medical health care centers. Proud partner in the contribution of offering the best quality of clean label herbs and spices for an everyday use while enhancing the gastronomic experience into flavored dishes to our customers. Time to spread the word! Let’s bring awareness by following the clean label trend in 2018!
  3. You cook and you are concerned about food restrictions such as intolerances and allergies. You care about each and every ingredient that you use at home, in your kitchen at work? MCHEF cares about your family members, your friends, your customers? Get the MCHEF Rubs & Aromates herbs and spice blends. No more worries! The attributes of the MCHEF line emphasizes the quality of the herbs and spices: allergen-free with the following specifications: GMO free, gluten free, filler free, MSG free, low in salt (1/10 of seal salt). Chef Marie-Dominique Rail was determined to innovate by bringing allergen free herbs and spices to you.  Her mission is to offer the best quality possible of clean spices and herbs blends to its customers. Follow the “clean label” trend with MCHEF!
  4. MCHEF Inc. is looking for proud partners that would be thrilled to join its sales team in the food service. You have worked in the kitchens? You know the food service market? You have a passion for sales? You care for people and you excel in customer service? You would like to represent a brand that stands out and follows the “clean label” trends in agro-food? Contact us, send us your application to
  5. Do you cook while being aware of food intolerances and allergies at home, at work? Are you looking for clean label herbs and spices? MCHEF can certainly be your best ally to add flavors and enhance your cuisine on a daily base. Try our herbs and spice blends! We offer blends that add kicks to your dishes, desserts and for your cocktails! Spread the word and experience the difference in every bite! Families, friends, guests and clients will be thrilled to enjoy the  « flavor glam » to dishes! 
  6. Do you run a food blog? We are excited to partner with bloggers and medias who are detecting agro-food innovations and trends. Are you hungry for more food quality products in the market? We are MCHEF, proud suppliers of clean label herbs and spice blends for your everyday dishes and beverages. We can do demos and appearances in the medias, in schools, in stores. Who wants to be part of the new era with us? 
  7. Looking for allergen-free herbs and spices, GMO free, clean label, superior quality, ultra-stunning flavors to impress your cooking skills for the delight of your family, to impress your friends and your guests at home? Visit our online store. We offer free shipping to any purchase of 5 blends and more! Your children organize events at school, sports activities. MCHEF offers discounts to encourage your project funding. This is our team and we work with you as a team. Contact us by email at We support our children.
  8. Do you organize community projects?  Do you plan financing activities to launch your projects? We, at MCHEF, are offering promotional tools to promote your activities. We encourage social events and activities for the betterment of our communities. Contact us! We guarantee you to bring the best of our help to your organization.
  9. MCHEF is expanding! MCHEF will be opening in Las Vegas, Nevada in the spring of 2018! Proud carrier of the clean label trend, MCHEF is at the rendez-vous to serve the food service clients in the greatest hotels in the world! Go go go, our mission is finding new ground!
  10. The European and British market opens its doors to MCHEF! We have established a division to better represent MCHEF internationally. Experience the MCHEF Home Chef wherever you are! Contact us to stock up now! Our products are available for grocery stores and also for private label brands. We are making it happen to better service and enhance your cooking needs!
  11. Good news! In partnership with our American friends, MCHEF is now offering its products in Miami, Florida to serve the food service sector such as restaurants, hotels, cruise ships; all food businesses looking to better serve its customers. Hey vacationers, spread the word!
  12. A step further in the UK food service market! MCHEF is now available in trendy London and its exciting cosmopolitan cuisine! We are proud to provide our herbs and spices to the London marketplace. Way to go!
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